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Technorati did an update of their rating system (changing ‘blog links’ to ‘authority’, …) a couple of weeks ago, but today I noticed they completely freshened up their site’s interface.

Next to the usual web-two-point-nillizing they also redefined the ’search’ function. You no longer need to decide if you want to search in ‘blog post’ / ‘tags’ or ‘blog directory’.
A stream of recent search queries is shown in a CNN-like banner above the website. Don’t like it that much, but is gives a impression on how heavily the site is being used I suppose.
Searching for keywords already gave results for Flickr and Youtube, but now they also added (Damn right)

This is how they put it themselves:

As I’ve blogged about before, the world has changed. Whereas folks using Technorati a couple of years ago were predominantly coming to us to search the blogosphere to surface the conversations that were most interesting to them, today they are increasingly coming to our site to get the 360 degree context of the Live Web – blogs of course, but also user-generated video, photos, podcasts, music, games and more. They want all the good stuff out there, all in real-time, and we’re using the power of 80 million bloggers to help organize it and make it fun to browse; using the wisdom of crowds as a mirror on ourselves.

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